Typography Manual

A 60 page book with sections including the history of typesetting, the basics of type, popular typeface specimens, and the latest information on typography for the web.

Use the Typesetting reference to properly set kerning pairs, text column measure, point size, leading, paragraphs, indents, hyphenation, and more for both print and the web.

Visual Type Anatomy Glossary

A 100-term glossary of typography and type anatomy terms that doesn᾿t just give you a definition—it shows you.

Style Guide

An in-depth style guide of grammatical and typographic rules for properly setting numbers, special characters, punctuation, capitalization, titles, and references.

Em Calculator

Calculate your font size, leading, and an extra element᾿s measurement in ems so your latest web project scales correctly in different browser sizes.

Font Size Ruler

Reading a magazine and curious what the headline typesize is? Use the dynamic font size ruler to get an estimate of the printed point size for serif and sans-serif typefaces.

Mac Character Keyboards

Use an interactive tool to find special characters on Macintosh keyboards using caps lock, shift, option, and shift-option.

Standard Ruler

At 2.5 inches long, use the Standard Ruler to measure in inches, centimeters, millimeters, and points.

Conversion Table

A full conversion table for converting inches, millimeters, points, and picas.

HTML Character Codes

A full listing of standard HTML character codes for letters, numbers, punctuation, math, currency, accents, and special characters.

Paper and Web Banner Sizes

On the way to the printer and need to know a paper size? Use this complete table of size names and measurements for paper, business cards, and web banners.

Inspiration Resources and Blogs

If you᾿re looking for a new site to see beautiful design and type, check this listing of websites to spark that creative spirit or read the thoughts of designers active in the community.

Web Resources

Learn something new, utilize a new technique, or find tools to help you work more effectively with typography with the numerous online resources listed.

Type Foundries

Take a look at dozens of type foundries to look at new typefaces or grab some of the classics.